Wednesday, September 5, 2018

The Losing Kind

It's easy to get lost in the current swamp of punk rock. A lot of half hearted impersonators have polluted the art form with "product" and uninspired mediocrity. Where are the songs? Where's the energy? Where's the individualism that made it so appealing? Instead of a focus on songwriting and style, it seems to be more caught up in the cult of likability. The Losing Kind are on a mission to change this dire state of affairs and return punk to its eloquent and psychotic natural state. Their latest self titled EP delivers the goods with six scorching tracks of Ramones damaged back-alley punk.

Upbeat and restless, the bratty bourbon singed vocals blend gritty melodies with slashing power chords and uninhibited attitude. Down and out, going and gone, the lyrics address the never ending bad luck cycle of day to day existence. The raging punk rock accompaniment defines the tumultuous ebb and flow of fate with concise dynamics and reckless intensity. Fusing the classic sounds of the Freeze and Zero Boys with the drunken swagger of the Humpers and Joneses, this release rocks hard from start to finish. Your new weekend blackout soundtrack. Get with it and check it out.

The Losing Kind (Facebook)