Friday, February 19, 2016


I love the feeling of driving through dimly lit desert roads late in the night. A hallucinogenic purity fills the air, as it pulses through the mind creating attractive patterns of confusion and secrecy. The endless road going on and on, like the waves crashing where I used to live. A steady stream of jangled rhythm that rewrites itself whenever the mood strikes and the timing is right. As always, my mobile soundtrack is essential. I got lost along the way. I didn’t mind and I didn’t forget the cool new sounds that were coming out of my car stereo speakers.

The swift beat of loose spontaneity cracks the frozen ground of preconception on the two latest singles by legendary surf guitar maestro Susan Surftone. As a leader in the third wave surf revival, beginning in 1995, she continues to boldly venture into areas not commonly visited by surf guitar purists. With a love of 60s garage rock and 70s NYC punk, it’s obvious why Surftone has a renegade attitude when it comes to making instrumentals that rock and songs that madly swing.

Brimming with a mysterious musical sexuality and grooving in a hot cold trance, “Little Bit Lied To” is an exceptional single. Combining the suave grit of Mink DeVille and the earnestness of Broken English era Marianne Faithful, this surf-wave pop bomb keeps the melody flowing with a rocking staccato backbeat. Susan’s vocal performance on this number is instantly memorable with its sweetly detached and punky delivery.

“ShadowLand” kicks out the jams with an unapologetic Thunders style six-string aggression that rides a rockabilly wave of bouncy percussive bashing. Spastic and fun, this titillating track flies by way too fast. A nice and volatile slice of surf-garage finesse combined with punk purist simplicity. Both of these singles complement each other by accentuating the different dimensions that always make any Susan Surftone release a required listening experience. These singles are now available on her official site. Support independent music and check out her unforgettable live show when she comes through your town.


--Kevin McGovern--