Friday, March 22, 2013

Mexico is bleeding: THE COPPER GAMINS - "Los Ninos De Cobre"

The Copper Gamins latest release on the infamous Saustex record label is quite a monster, the kind that keeps you drinking from 8 am until 3 am the following day. With the openers of the crazed “All Hid” and “oh Well Well”, an almost “Wipers” like feel of dread that is cut with contagious fuzz gets injected into your bloodstream as the alcohol level rises, claustrophobia ensues, and a fuck all attitude will be your tour guide through these distorted and eerily deliberate assaults on your senses. You can hear the guitar string being strummed for every last ounce of fuzz in your eardrum like going around a bar at 1:45 and drinking everyone’s half emptied booze vessels.
My two picks for repeated A.D.D listening are “Hold my Name” and “Nightingale”. Both of these sonic manifestos hold you in a state of suspended animation like a three-day coke bender that keeps getting worse with the uglier aspects of life becoming more beautiful by the second. Feel the tempting taste of complete toxicity in your mouth while that crazy, maybe homicidal girl, cradles you into a booze and Quaalude state of the manic unrepentant blues with a nice shot of cheap perfume.
By all means check out the new record by this deranged and super talented duo who were originally from the mining cities of Metepec and Zinacantepec near Mexico city. Very impressive credentials, when you are talking about revolutionary blues destruction from the real deal. Right here, right now. Listen to the truth and turn off your TV, for just a second. You might not want to come back from this bender of blissful torment that ignites blues-punk and takes it to unheard of heart-attack inducing levels.

THE COPPER GAMMINS and check out Volume 3 of our latest Issue
-Kevin McGovern
Fear&Loathing in Long Beach 2013

by the way, i think im staying here for a bit, that's a good thing, let's get it on