Monday, April 22, 2013

The New Susan Surftone Rides the Nightclub Surf with "Too Far"

Susan Surftone is no stranger to our proceedings here. Her new album “Too Far” redefines surf guitar for a new generation with a sexual bombast of guitar slinging and Watusi beats that makes one hunger for a dangerous and lustful summer. With go- go dancer extraordinaire, Seana Steele and the precise smash-bop of drummer Steve Kravac, this release gets your inhibitions feeling loose while filling the libido with plenty of edgy surf-pop damaged soundscapes. The synergy of sunshine and dark night clubs lights up the murky alleyway in the world of Susan’s song structures that rock and shake with a fun and sinister swagger. I am desperately seeking more bands like this in 2013.

“Start Again” has a psycho-syncopated beat with a bouncy chord pulse to numb your problems away in. The infectious riffing and aloof sense of direction get this reviewer’s motor fired up. “Rock Candy” and “Navy Grog” give a darker, unassumingly menacing bite to them and provide a great way to introduce yourself to the Surftone experience (if you want to jump in the deep end without feeling how cold the water is first). Fuck caution, it’s almost summer, and this psychedelic trip of modern surf dance will hold you hostage, whether you like it or not.

The band interlocks with some very tasteful odes to new wave and power pop, not to mention some overdriven British Invasion stylings for good measure. Instrumental records are meaningless nowadays for the most part BUT this one has had my pulse on overdrive from over a week of non-stop airplay on my headphones. The punk influenced title track, “Too Far”, is my personal favorite as it just snakes around the eardrums with its addictive detonations of troubled melody.

The new record is coming in July of 2013, so I want you to be “in the know”, as I’m sure Susan and Seana are coming to a city near YOU to finish what they started. On Susan’s site you can hear her new track “Navy Grog” and check the latest happenings. I fully endorse this surf-rock damage courtesy of Portland, Oregon. If they lived in Long Beach, I would be hanging out in their garage every night listening to rehearsals. Who knows? They would be a welcome addition to our wild city’s personalities and independent talent.



interview HERE with Susan & Seana