Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Piñata Protest: Revolution now, free beer

Lately everything in this country is just a fucking drag, I mean seriously boring and uninteresting. Our lives are on pause in the public realm while every over privileged idiot gets sickening amounts of airtime and exposure. Fuck that, let’s create our own culture and kick these jokers out of the party. Who invited those squares anyway? Forget about the other wanna-be punk innovators, Piñata Protest innovates a precise weapon of massive destruction because these guys aren’t aiming to innovate, instead they just kill from the heart, like the legendary Big Boys and Dicks used to do. Lyrics that view the world in a cynical, politically aware blood vision will grab your attention with the promise of a non-stop riot with free beer. Just listen to the blistering kick in the face, “Que Pedo”.

I’ve been having the most lackluster June so far and this time bomb arrived in the mail and kicked my ass across the U.S.A. No surprise, it’s a Tex-Mex punk rock assault courtesy of south Texas and its secret hidden weapon, Piñata Protest. The album starts out with a dark-wave drenched spoken word followed by the shotgun count off and very cool “Vato Perron”, with the introduction of the band’s sharp guitar, punk drum assault with of all things, an accordion. Menacing sounds swirl around while you keep blacking out, with the girl of your dreams at this end-of- the- world party. The sinister razor edged accordion melds perfectly with an eclectic reinterpretation of the Circle Jerks and Chicano roots music through pure punk insanity and volume.

The “El Valiente” disc comes courtesy of your dealer friends at Saustex Media. Every single song on this AK-47(weed reference unintentional) of a disc is beyond catchy and flows through your veins like a nice cold Jack and Coke on a 99-degree day. Goes down without a hitch and knocks you into the next level with that feeling of invincibility and craving for extreme mayhem. The songwriting blows away their contemporaries with well-crafted simplicity that takes into account the structures of classic rock/pop while letting enough room for the Sex Pistols to step on every rule of songwriting.

My personal favorites that should be in the Top Ten and are a must listen include “Guadalupe”, “Life on the Border”, and contagious “El Valiente”. Don’t be a square and take advantage of the energy and pure attitude of this seriously awesome band.

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Piñata Protest

"La Cucaracha" - Official Music Video - Piñata Protest from Piñata Protest on Vimeo.