Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Erica Case devours the Ramones: Get High with California

When I first came to California via Santa Barbra courtesy of a female acquaintance, I had only met “virtually” about 2 weeks before. I remember sleeping in a car on some nights and in a construction trailer once I began work, lifting these heavy ass fences for some bullshit condominium project. It was through rent-a-drunk and I was getting minimum wage. Eventually enough to cruise to Long Beach but at the time had befriended an ex-con at the job site. He showed me where to sleep on the site and where to cash my “end of the day” temp check while picking up 2 fifths of Gordon’s and a pack of Maverick full flavor smokes.

I think his name was Eddie, for all I know he was on the run and buying time, just like me. One night while I was planning to escape the ungodly site of Oprah’s mansion and overwhelming displays of wealth, I smoked a joint with Eddie and drank myself wildly into the drink. He told me that in Santa Barbra, any plant in the world could grow and having that kind of adaptability was total freedom. I was staring into the clear night sky and just gazing on the stars and thinking, that’s crazy man, I’m sitting in the tall grass looking at the California sky without a care in the world for where I will go next or what came before this moment. I guess it’s true what they say about California weed, or maybe the highness is being totally free to breathe in the night and go wherever you want to. This subtle memory leads me to the dirty luster of Erica Case, music rebel and role model for a new generation.

Erica Case is back after last years sophisticated punk/pop rock outing of “Gimme Some”. In fact, she was featured in our first issue after I stumbled across this Southern Belle of Punk Rock n Roll on Sound Cloud. What I love about Erica is the way she transitions vocal notes in a unique fashion that is all her own, whether it’s on one of her home recordings or studio outings. A sultry connection of melody is firmly intact with this young woman and her vicious musical assaults that consist of her guitar, keyboard, and vocal hammers of bitter sweetness. A complaint I have with other female singers in this genre is blatant Gaga imitation and the James Hetfield like screamers, doesn’t get me going.

Her latest outing takes advantage of the “full album” phenomena that is rampant on YouTube, which I love. Most concrete walkers use their smart phones as their primary portal to music, entertainment, fashion, and personal connections as they walk out the door every day. Online heavy music site, NME, has carried her own version of the Ramones classic and life altering, for some of us, Road to Ruin from the frenzied year of 1978. All tracks are worth many listens. To really sum up this experience, get in bed with "I Just Want to Have Something to Do", "Don't Come Close", "Go Mental", and "It's a Long Way Back".

After my complete disgust with the Billboard Music awards, sorry folks but none of that shit counts as fucking music in my book, I came across Erica’s path again. Unlike other artists out there, this girl rocks like there’s no tomorrow, wears her heart on her sleeve, and really doesn’t give a damn whether you care for it or not. That’s my kind of lady. Sweet Southern Venom oozes through these covers while staying true to the original compositions of the late great Ramones. I think I need to arrange a trip to Tennessee again and soak in the subterranean skyline.

Visit Erica at her Facebook page and I tell her I sent ya, maybe she’ll spike your drink...


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