Wednesday, January 14, 2015


Despondent desperation, rage, and vanity control all that is modern Los Angeles. From the beach cities to the poisonous luster of its shaggy downtowns, a death rattle of raw artistry has always made its home here. Continuing this tradition of random kiss or kill is the city’s newest noise on the rise, Terminal A. This 5 track EP selectively bites and scratches like a coked-up debutante forcing her way back into the club after getting kicked out for illicit consumption and excessive posturing. What we have here is crucial music and a deliberate failure to communicate. Isolation is the seducer and decadence is the unruly neuron candy.

A non-comprising cocktail of early synth-punk combined with echoes of Jim Morrison’s final days fuel the mechanical crackle of melody within this collection. Unlike other bands that lose focus in this genre, Terminal A has a precise predilection for vocal harmony and tumultuous prose. The voice of Colin Peterson is a standout in its cool delivery of choice notes combined with impulsive anger. Lee Busch pulverizes the machine-laden atmosphere with over distorted industrial guitar slamming. An undertow of Throbbing Gristle and Kraftwerk residue provides a fertile killing ground for this two-man insanity machine.

“Oedipus Kiss” and “Tonight We’ll Be Gone” highlight the band’s talent in creating nightmares, ones that you don’t want to wake up from. “Satellite” and “Queen Mab” have an infectious rock that requires return visitations. These two tracks really get under your skin and do the required damage, providing memorable hooks and haunting chord progressions not usually heard in this realm. The EP ends with a live track that captures the cantankerous essence of this unique art damaged duo. Before you to decide to kill yourself this year, give this a listen and decide how many people you want to drag down with you. Happy trails…
-Kevin McGovern