Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Reviews: HONEY BANE and THE DOGS

This week I want to introduce everyone here to my co-conspirator at Fear & Loathing LB, Gonzo Journalist and rock n roll troublemaker,Mike Spent. He has two CD’s revved up and ready for your eyes to consume. We have some exciting things in the pending works for the October issue: Pure Hell, The Faint, Habibi, Jeff Dahl, Smogtown, The Dogs, Rats on Rafts, and Third Phase of Moon Radio to name a few. So hold tight, unfasten your mind, and dig deep into our newest rock music reviews. –Kevin


This release is existential post punk atmospheric dub, with the twisted sensuality that only HONEY BANE exudes! Brilliant while relevant in its musical execution, I love the entire mind-blowing output! My personal fave is VIOLENCE GREW. The album opener, "The Right Thing To Do!" echoes her CRASS years. Classic teen-angst and vocal rants in free form for your rock n roll fix! New soon to be classics include: DONT TELL ME!, WHO's HELL AM I IN?, and YA GOT ME ALL WRONG (this song starts out with a folkie kind of 70s soft rock vibe and enters into HONEY BANE telling it like it is in a very sexy way!) I was relaxing to the CD in a twisted kinda HONEY BANE way! I dig the artwork of the cover too! BUY IT! TRY IT! LIKE IT! I definitely do…


This 3-piece proto punk band formed in the vintage year of 1969! What can i say each song rules… Track one "SLASH YOUR FACE" starts out like a classic 1970s acid rock song that morphs into a punk n roll explosion flawlessly. Sophisticated punk rock pioneers, the DOGS, are an AMERICAN ORIGINAL. They resurrect the sounds of fury from the graves of the MC5, the STOOGES, and even BROWNSVILLE STATION! They pay homage to all the original DETRIOT BANDS in the track "MOTOR CITY FEVER", the name says it all ! Every Rock City influence is completely obliterated in this smoking tour de force. My fave tracks are "YOU CANT CATCH ME" "SLASH YOUR FACE" and BEATIN THE FLOOR"(which reminds me of The Stooges Classic, Cock in my Pocket). BEATIN THE FLOOR is personal fave. I am seriously diggin’ these lyrics, "driving down the street going 90 miles an hour", now that’s what is what i like to do! Punk and roll at its best so BUY THIS CD! The DOGS logo is a sick 70s graphic… dig the DOGS! I almost forgot, PUNK ROCK HOLIDAY and its lyrics "got nothing to lose and some ones gonna pay the price!” My personal anthem!

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