Friday, May 16, 2014


Have you ever had a nurse slam you in the arm with a shot of morphine in her bedroom? When you were babbling in the middle of an anxiety attack and she just wanted you to shut up? This happened to me. I remember waking up in a comfortable daze, frozen on the carpet next to the bed. The sounds of Ave Maria were reverberating through the air and I could hear her in the next room. I was never bothered or asked to wake up. Conniving indifference in effect... or a nice alternative to the “chained in a freezer” ambiance of an emergency room. Occasionally, music hits you in the back and you wake up feeling like a neon megapixel in a fragmented city of day, night, and ugliness.

San Francisco’s SCRAPER self-titled LP oozes an electro-shock sincerity in its short. sharp, and winding delivery. If the MC5 were handing out bad acid at a double bill with Warsaw and DNA, it might sound something like this. The guttural and grisly poetic melodies crawl through the cracks of the hyper-distorted tidal waves. If your overplayed records of The Reatards and Spits weren’t giving you enough uplifting negativity, this 9 track LP and digital release will set your misanthropic libido on fire. Their cover of the Dick’s “Kill from the Heart” reconstructs the original into a new menacing life form. Disorienting anthems such as “Landslide”, “I’m in the way”, and “Razor” will knock you down for the count. I hope that you’ll land on a soft surface in a mind numbing fever or you might just break your neck on the hard concrete of frustration, overwhelmed with a nasty concussion. Get hip, get infected, and feel the jolt of rock n roll’s black wave, known as SCRAPER. -KPM


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