Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Poor For Life: Cars Can Be Blue - World Premiere

Modern rock n rollers are running for cover in abandoned warehouses, crash pads, and under the boardwalk (usually a friend’s apartment). Hipster clogged social scenes, personality tests for low wage jobs, and online dating sites (credit check included) totally rule the day. You wanna know what I figured out? It’s a lot easier and way more fun to stay “Poor for Life”, like the latest video from Cars Can Be Blue says. With its snotty and treasonous sophistication, this mesmerizing train wreck of the Waitresses and Angry Samoans is ready to get under your skin. Hotwired jolts of punkified garage-pop deliver a new anthem for bombshell slackers and barstool poets across the globe.

Their new album Trace the Tension fiendishly smiles while destroying all stereotypes of the musical genres it fuses together for its rabid auditory assault. Memorable choruses, fuzzy chord slamming, and a punchy poisoned candy beat keep this maniacal whirlwind of hooks rolling at the speed of light. Tracks such as You Gave Me, You Should be Begging, Don’t Tell Me, and I am a Slut knock you upside the head with punk prowess, scathing lyrics, and eccentric syncopation.

This outfit from Athens, Georgia gives us the uniquely smokin’ vocals of Becky Brooks. She nails the tracks with an aloof confidence that never second-guesses itself. A nice spattering of gritty hard-core male vocal tracks compliment this perfect album of punk infused indie garage. From the land of the B-52’s and indie pop as we know it, comes a brutal and conniving force of intelligent and obscene punk hipness.

I’ve been asking for new music that doesn’t suck in 2014 and finally found it. This album is very fucking cool. Keeping reality in perspective, the lyrics make keen observations of the absurd and sometimes dismal world we all inhabit. I give this tightly wound bottle of mayhem five out of five stars, and I don’t even have a star rating system. Word…

Kevin McGovern, F&L LB 2014
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