Friday, November 15, 2013


Never hit on a dreadlocked blonde girl in a Sushi bar with a Nazi skinhead boyfriend, especially after consuming an impractical amount of LSD. An acid soaked rock n roll show I almost played. Seconds before I had the chance to ramble my mouth at the mic, the boyfriend came in brandishing a guitar that was death marked with “this is for that guy, the one up there at the front of the stage”. Was I about to stick around to get my head smashed while in the middle of an acid fantasia girl-bomb crush? No fucking way…. Time to get in the van and split ASAP! Check one, check two, and another fleeting chance to engage in destructive lust, damn. Well, on that sad note I welcome the super fucking cool CULTURES of Phoenix, Arizona and their incredible video for the soon to be underground smash hit, “1987”.

This omniscient production takes my loathsome brainwaves back to the days of those endless night punk house parties, where the music booms and the inhibitions let loose. Primal rock rhythms lead the way to unexpected conversations and outbursts of pure adrenaline. The band’s current EP release entitled “Tourettes” contains a noxious mix of Pistolian surf rhythms with Jesus and Mary Chain swagger, while shedding its own skin. The tracks are solid and this stands out from other bands doing lame renditions of these cool influences. The lead track “Tourettes” is distinctive with its subtle homage to New Order’s “Age of Consent”, the pounding tom-tom beats and spidery guitar lines drive this one all the way into the beautiful abyss. Check it out now, dig…

-Kevin McGovern, 2013