Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Wrong Beach: The Dark Robot KILLS YouTube

Long Beach’s own “Wrong Beach", a Fear & Loathing in LB favorite, surprises the world with their catchy as hell and incredible new video for “Dark Robot". Vocalist and creative guru AJ Ransdell produced this modern work of video mayhem with odes to classic sci-fi and vintage music television. This aggro blast reminds me of the decadent 1980s and its MTV stepchild(when it was playing actual music) would actually run cool videos from the Angry Samoans, Naked Raygun, Pegboy, Big Black, and other indie punk legends.

The band itself is a tribute and psychic appendage to the legacy of Southern California PUNK ROCK left behind by such notables as D.I, The Adolescents, Germs, and just about every band on the classic “American Youth Report” compilation. It comes as no surprise that Mr. Rikk Agnew (member of many of those greats along with his fellow co-conspirators) is grinding the power chords of pulsating punk evil in this band while recapturing and expanding upon what past members did before. By totally using the technology of 2013 to direct and produce their own video, this ravenous punker of a short film is gaining an incredible response we have not seen in the YouTube charts for a REAL PUNK band in a long time, unless you consider metal/emo “punk”, which I do not or ever will. Just call it what it is!

Rikk’s “All by Myself” has been one of my favorite solo albums of all time and with the addition of AJ’s razor sharp and world weary vocals, the song does not disappoint and only serves as living proof that aggressive music recognizes zero boundaries. I suggest everyone checks out the Wrong Beach tunes as the onslaught is just beginning!

I love hearing a band rip it up as I ponder what the seedy underbelly of Southern California has in store next for those of us watching the economy collapse and the human race deteriorate with blazing sunsets, condom, & needle-strewn beaches, replete with broken bottled alleyways to ensure dangerous outings at all times. Not a bad time to be alive as it’s a pleasure to actually watch modern Rome burn to the ground. Oh yeah man, we’re gearing up for volume 4, be sure to check our past issues at the site. Wrong Beach interview in our Fall debacle of literary insanity.

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