Saturday, May 3, 2014

THE NEO KALASHNIKOVS - Turn the Tables/Gorgeous Baby (Studio/Live)

While absorbing the hotness of California’s burning air and beautiful disasters during the past week, I let the latest release by The Neo Kalashnikovs infiltrate the solitude of my compact car getaways. Imagine a very chic Chrissie Hynde collaborating with GVSB to re-write Raw Power for the unsettling and uproarious year of 2014. This seven track EP definitely makes an instant impression. The use of single-noted minimalist riffs creates large distorted space for the angelic growl of Volita Bioletti. This exceptional antidote, courtesy of New Zealand, pretty much blew me away the first time I heard Gorgeous Baby. The catchiness of Turn the Tables, Diamonds, and Rock n Roll Friend pierces like a fish hook through your mouth after a triple dosage of Novocain. High-grade potency mixed with chaotic precision.

If you’re a fan of edgy rock/pop masterpieces like Live Through This, Trompe le Monde, and Eat to the Beat, you’ll be obsessed with this release. Four studio cuts with three live tracks are featured. The live tracks are especially interesting as the sound quality is quite good. Many bands in the live environment cannot replicate their studio output, but in this case, the songs are just racier and rawer versions with stellar vocals that do not lose momentum. The backing band is solid with fitting dynamics and an obvious education in the basics of rock n roll.

The British press was in an uproar over the band’s decision to use starlet Helen Flanagan for their Gorgeous Baby video. A cinematic ode to classy subversion. It looks like the times are rearranging and painting an unmarked landscape. Intelligent is the new sexy. Success is “doing your own thing”. The playing field for rock n roll is a little more even; a world no longer crowded by major labels and cable networks shoving unwanted and lousy music down your throat. We have a really great interview with the band coming up in our next issue in a few weeks, definitely worth a read. Until next time….
Fear and Loathing in Long Beach