Monday, June 18, 2012

Summertime, what a great time when confusion ensues and you think vague thoughts like the ones I’m typing now.  The first digital magazine issue of “FearLoatheLB” is underway and slated for an early to mid-July launch.  Some wild interviews and coverage of all topics in my head at the moment, with some help.  Stoned at the beach or playing guitar in a hidden corner brings to mind some ideas about a piece of reading material and why would you want to do it?  What do I gather while in the middle of my own scattered puzzle activities?  Well fuck, it’s like why the fuck do I read something?  In addition, what awesome communities of reckless abandon occupy the neighboring or not so neighboring crazy flat-out-fucked world I hang out in?

NONE.  And NONE.  I decided to see what underground art and activities take place in the Greater Los Angeles area.  Notable exceptions were lone wolf types that just wanted to express themselves, but not even as cliché as that, more like just “doing something” for the sake of fucking “doing something”, which holds way more weight than pretending to toy with expression because you have a new app for your phone or some meaningless piece of shitty music or prose that painfully mimics other bad shit done by someone else toying around to score a “hit” or get “famous”.  TOTAL BULLSHIT, I love the disillusionment though.  Fascinating, watching somebody search for an identity or uniform that grants some sort of acceptance by other invisible people. 

That being said, I’m doing a Rock n Roll magazine and keeping it seedy with every inappropriate detail.  Inappropriate detail is of the highest order, I think those details are the only thing that keeps up paying attention to one another.  While the days roll ahead and blurry evenings fill the smoking room, here’s my top 5 Summer songs, at least tonight.