Thursday, July 25, 2013

(Into the Deep End) with Idol Lips Interview

July continues to hum in a somewhat slow ending here in the city of Long Beach after I had the excellent eye-opening experience of a precision stingray bite (2 to be exact) in the ocean I love so much. I was going out further than normal, the addictive undertow and cool flow distracted me while I was trailing off into deep thought. I had an image in my mind that if were to end my stay in this dimension I would just swim until I couldn’t anymore and let the unpredictable sultry sea consume me in all of its violent glory. At that moment, I felt this piercing sensation in my body and felt a shock that was oddly tantalizing and terrifying at the same time. I floated for a few moments and adrenaline sent me back beachside, unsure of how much blood was escaping from my body. Fortunately, it was just extremely painful; I was able to crawl to a nearby urgent care for the prerequisite morphine double shot and life reflection. How cliché is that? Anyway, I always thought life was a series of chapters in progress and now my senses hint it’s a blank page ready to be written on in a beautiful and violent universe of circumstance and fateful DNA that reside in random creations and destructions.

After I arrived back home, I enjoyed the brain numbness and threw this awesome vinyl LP on the turntable. Italy’s Idol Lips have been a mainstay on my listening rotation since I was introduced to these reckless rock n rollers about a year ago. I highly suggest checking out their punk trash-rock magnum opus entitled "Scene Repulisti". The punchy production highlights the hot-blooded 70’s NYC art damaged rock n roll these loose cannons use as a catalyst to shred current alternative rock in 2013. I had a cool virtual barstool conversation with the band a few months back and decided to run the interview here, so let’s get the eviction party started!

With the release of the punk mayhem masterpiece “Scene Repulisti”, what has the reaction of the international punk rock community been?

Wow Kevin!!!! First of all thanx for “punk masterpiece” but the truth is that we only play loser rock n roll. You must have been in the studio when we recorded Scene Repulisti. Every session is more like a party with all our friends who came and go with all their talks, bullshit, drinks, dance, and curses. We can call it a low budget suicide instead of a well-studied plan to conquer the world. So now, having all the good reviews and feedback has us going out of our heads.

This smoking vinyl kicks ass with the classic anthems such as “Soul Power”, “Down by LUV”, and “Desperate”! What influenced these songs in your personal experiences?

We’re a band who live, breathe, eat and play r’n’r and we put our heart and soul in our songs. We don’t know other ways to do it.
Anybody ever fallen in love with the wrong woman? Ever been in a fight? Ever go out and party like there is no tomorrow? Ever had a good or bad day? Our songs have to do with all that kind of stuff. We only play r’n’r for kids to dance.

Is punk rock dead and who are your favorite artists in 2013??

Mmhh… if punk is dead we’re still celebrating the longest funeral party ever…2013? The world doesn’t end?? We are raising money to fix up our time machine and go back to 1977.

Is there a new record in the works?

Well, there’s something new we’re workin’ on and we confess it’s sounds pretty good but at the moment we gotta wait for more songs to put out a new work.

The guitar riffing and sleazy grooves are incredible, how big of an influence was L.A.M.F and the New York 70’s punk scene?

Ok, we got it!! That’s just the kind of words we love hear. Our riffs and sounds maybe remind a little bit of LAMF? That’s all for us… we don’t wanna do anything new or improved. We only wanna play the old loud out of fashion PUNK ROCK and you can write it in capital letters.

Will there be an international tour and how do you feel about coming to the United States?

Nothing is planned for the next future but sure we’d love to play everywhere and anywhere.
We’d be fools to not come to the States so if someone could help us don’t be shy and write us. We’ll come running!!!

Do you prefer Italian women or California girls? (standard superficial question)

All the girls we like have a common thing, they breathe.

What motivates you to do music and play live?

It’s really hard to try to explain. We can tell you it’s a primitive urge, it’s emergency, it’s danger, it’s next to the end. It’s like “ok I gotta go now”.

Is the Italian punk rock scene a cool one? Would I have good time in Italy with the punk rockers?

Lots of cool people and lots of cool bands make a cool scene. Don’t worry, take a break and spend a cheap holiday in other people’s misery you’ll have a lot of fun!!!


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